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Top 3 Reasons to Use

Stunning output – Engage your audience with customizable Flash quizzes & surveys.
Easy to use – ViewletQuiz’s intuitive interface equals super fast creation time.
Measurable results – Easily get & evaluate response data with ViewletCentral (free to start).
Forget those dull HTML-based quizzes and surveys.
ViewletQuiz is the most efficient way to create dynamic, customizable Flash-based surveys and assessments without the need for extensive training and development time.

Product Info

Learn more about your customers.
Measure the knowledge of your products and/or services.
Evaluate the impact and understanding of your web-based communications.
Integrate quizzes/surveys with your ViewletBuilder content.
ViewletQuiz allows you to have full control over the look and feel of your assessments. Your audiences will not only participate, they will have fun doing it! Whether you want to ask quiz type questions, survey type questions or both, query your audience with a variety of question types.
Quiz Questions
Designated for questions that have a right or wrong answer. ViewletQuiz allows for a variety of different types of feedback associated with right or wrong, and even incomplete. Whether you want just a visual text or image display or even a movie and sound to play, ViewletQuiz allows you to decide and create with ease.
Survey Questions
Designated for questions that have no right or wrong answer. Using
survey questions you can learn more about your customers and their
Short Answer – Fill in the Blank
Short Answer – Selection from List
Short Answer – Rating
Short Answer – Essay
Multiple Choice – Single Answer
Multiple Choice – Multiple Answer
  Multiple Choice – Fill in the Blanks
Multiple Choice – Selection from Lists
Multiple Choice – Rating
Multiple Choice – True/False
Likert Scale
Click Map – Coming Soon!
Drag & Drop – Coming Soon!
New! Timing Links
Timing Links have now been added to help maintain the timing between elements which will speed up authoring time!
New! Zoom feature
Zoom feature added to Slide View. Zoom to fit or zoom in/out with 8 different zoom levels.
New! Easy to use icons
Easy to use icons have been added to drop down menus.
Sound Functionality
New! Preview sound
Preview sound within the application
New! Alignment tools
Alignment tools to ensure correct placement of a single object.
New! Sound icons
Enhanced sound icons.
Style sheets
Save valuable time and predetermine every element of your project!
Format Painter
Quickly copy styles from one text object to another with one click!
Search and Replace
You no longer have to search slide by slide. Do it in one quick swoop! Search and replace a word or phrase within your entire project!
Sound Functionality
New! Import MP3 files and/or add a background soundtrack!
Customizable Buttons
Insert customizable buttons to your project and associate various actions to each one.
Import SWF Files
Embed and playback SWF movies on a slide or assign it as an action to an event.
Qarbon’s revolutionary server-based reporting system allows you to measure esponse data using the graphical “dashboard” application or by exporting the data to external reporting & analysis tools.
Email Reporting
Assign an email address to receive feedback from each person completing the SWF file generated using ViewletQuiz.
XML Output via HTTP
Send XML data to your own server describing user’s interactions.
Deploy AICC and SCORM compliant content to most Learning Management Systems.
You can learn more about how ViewletQuiz can add value to your organization by contacting Viewfinder's sales staff at +91 265 2433030 or through our Contact Form.

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